Mr. Gurlal Singh (Director)

LAKHDATA EVENTS is a comprehensive, full service marketing & advertising firm based in Chandigarh and Mohali (Punjab). Established in 2005, LAKHDATA EVENTS has deep experience in all media and aspects of marketing. LAKHDATA EVENTS areas of expertise include: brand events and developments, installations of outdoor and indoor branding print and interactive design and social networking also. We define strategic plans to develop relationships.

The Philosophy at LAKHDATA EVENTS we are devoted to discovering more effective ways to communicate with our client's target markets. This means constantly digging, probing, learning and experimenting with alternative solutions. We determine and execute the tasks it takes to promote our clients, brands, products, events and their people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients to grow their companies and nurture their brands with well-crafted marketing communications. We have helped over 25 clients to grow their businesses in a wide range of industries. We are honest and pragmatic. Our passion at LAKHDATA EVENTS is merging the latest techniques in marketing with strategic thinking and highly creative executions.

We help our clients to identify goals, and then we take responsibility for providing cross platform tactics to accomplish them. We work within budget constraints and we meet deadlines. Creativity is our hallmark and we deliver results. LAKHDATA EVENTS has evolved with its clients with the marketplace and technologies. Our experience and capabilities enables us to advise and guide our clients to achieve success more efficiently than trial and error methods.

Lakhdata Events ( Since 2008 ) is a complete advertising agency that is engaged in designing, manufacturing, exporting, supplying and installation of sign boards, billboards, display boards. Our diverse spheres have helped in presenting a wide assortment of products.

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